Mercedes-Benz EQS

With the introduction here of their new EQS, Mercedes-Benz brings luxury and electric power together. With their EQA, EQB, EQC, EQE and EQV luxury people carrier, its arrival also increases to six the number of electric- powered passenger vehicle sold in Ireland whilst taking yet another major step towards their goal of having a fully carbon-neutral fleet inside the next 20 years.

Book-ended by the EQA at the entry-level, the new EQS brings electric power to the very top of its model range. Described by Ciaran Allen, sales manager for Mercedes-Benz in Ireland as ‘the embodiment of everything Mercedes-Benz represents in terms of luxury, comfort, safety and specifications’, EQS represents what he calls ‘a mould-breaker many of whose features will be seen in future EQ models’. Genetically modelled on the recently launched S-Class, it has additional features likely to be of interest to customers in that segment not least the economy and socially acceptable appeal that electric motoring has brought.

Model Range
EQS comes in a choice of two model variants: EQS 450+ (with rear axle eATS electric motor) priced at €129,965, and a EQS Mercedes-AMG 53 4MATIC+all-wheel-drive version (with motors on front and rear axles) priced at €180,015. Powering them are Mercedes-Benz’s own-manufactured batteries which, they claim, will have ‘better charging performance and significantly higher energy density’. Helped by its lightweight components and Cd value from 0.20.

Mercedes-Benz EQS

It has an operating range up to 735 kms (WLTP), power output of up to 245 kW (333 BHP) and a quoted top speed limited to 210km/h. Electrical consumption is 18.9-16.2kWh/100km.

Coupé-like Appearance
Employing a new ‘modular’ construction method likely to be used in future battery-electric vehicles, its eye- catching cab-forward design and coupé-like exterior point to its exceptional aerodynamics while headlight design, wheels and black panel front with ‘star’ inset introduce it as a member of the Mercedes-EQ family.

Inside, a keynote feature is the optional concave dash-mounted MBUX infotainment ‘hyperscreen’ whose curved and flexed surface appears to float across the full width of the vehicle.

Boldly going where no other infotainment screen has ever gone before, Hyperscreen is the futuristic face, and technological heart, of what has become a vastly advanced MBUX system. Now equipped with artificial intelligence and a ‘learning’ capability, it supports the driver in numerous additional ways beyond what was possible previously.

Mercedes-Benz EQS (top) & EQE (below)

Its ‘zero-layer’ feature allows drivers move from menu-to-menu simply by placing fingertip pressure on the screen. Not counting antennae, up to 350 sensors monitor the functions of the EQS as well as driver eyelid movements and language. Its ‘Hey Mercedes’ function supports 27 languages helped by a ‘language understanding’ feature.

A 15-speaker surround sound system produces an unusually expressive, natural sound while a highly efficient activated charcoal filter cleans incoming air. Motors in the seats deliver up to ten different massage programmes while seat heating and inflatable air chambers replicate the body-soothing effects of a ‘hot stones’ treatment.
Reproduced on interior trim, wheels, and fascia is a Mercedes-Benz ‘pattern’ design based on a three- dimensional star motif first featured on a 1911 Daimler trademark.

A fusion of high-tech and artificial intelligence features, it embodies over 40 new inventions and 20 new design applications to create what Mercedes-Benz says is ‘a car that appeals to almost all of the senses’. Amongst its other features is a ‘fragrance release’ system that screens unpleasant odours encroaching from outside. A relaxing collection of mood-enhancing ‘soundscapes’ includes one that makes EQS ‘acoustically perceptible’ on the outside. Optional is a ‘driving sound’ that can be heard inside and another that greets passengers acoustically when approaching and leaving the vehicle.